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Who We Are

TriBeCa Urban Retreat™ is a one stop grooming spa established with a mission on the importance of hygiene and style. Founded at Jalan Sumatera, Bandung in 2010, we are one of the first spa to practice medical grade sterilizations for our tools. By combining luxury, comfort as well as the latest innovations in the beauty industry, we hope to transform and re-invent the experience of our clients while receiving grooming treatments.

Why Tribeca?

How well one maintains the hands and feet is a sure signs to others of the level your personal hygiene and the importance you place on it. Sporting unkempt hands or feet is the quickest way to convey to those around you that you are untidy, careless or consider your outward appearance a non-priority. Not only does taking care of hands and feet are important, taking care of your body hair is equally important. While some benefits of waxing cannot be seen directly by most people “BIKINI WAX” for example (unless of course you are naked, wearing skimpy bikini or men brief), waxing does improve your total appearance. No more Hairy Hands, Hairy Feet or Hairy Body! Just like a haircut, waxing take care of the other hair on your body. Regardless of why people do waxing, be it for your loved one, be it for hygienic purposes or be it improving your appearance, one thing for sure. Waxing makes people feel SEXY (yes it does apply to MEN too and no there’s nothing wrong in wanting to look good). Maintaining and giving care to your hands and feet doesn’t take forever. At TriBeCa, we aim to provide you with “Quality, not quantity” Service. To that end, we don’t settle for shortcuts. So if the services are a bit pricier, blame it on us. We want to make sure our customers get the best available products as well as great services. Nail Files, Buffing Block are thrown away after each service. Every tool is sterilized in an autoclave after every use. Our technicians use hand sanitizer and wear fresh gloves for every pedicure. None of the waxing spatulas are double dipped.

When it comes to our Customer ‘Peace of Mind’ we will definitely try and ACCOMMODATE to it. True it does cost more. But we wouldn’t operate otherwise!

Happy Grooming!